• • Consulting services in the field of civil and commercial law

    On addressed enquiries or within the subscription legal services the company provides oral and written legal advice and reasoned opinions on issues from all sectors of the Bulgarian civil and commercial law, including (but not exclusively) on issues related to:
    • real estate, family and inheritance law;
    • all sources of liabilities of civil, commercial and employment nature;
    • company law – type of organization, regulation of relationships internal to the company and relationships with third parties;
    • real estate, civil, commercial, company and employment regimes, applicable administrative rules, including spatial planning, state and municipal property, privatization, mineral resources, energy, public procurements and concessions.

  • • Litigation in civil and commercial cases and insolvency

    "Vekilova, Nyagolov & Co" provides legal representation of domestic and foreign persons before the common courts and arbitration courts in Bulgaria. The company makes efforts to provide quality and reliable legal protection of the rights and legal interests of its clients in civil and commercial cases, including in cases related to insolvency at any stage of the proceedings concerned.

  • • Consulting services in the field of criminal law and court actions

    The law firm provides legal consulting services and where necessary- written statements in the field of criminal law and court actions.

  • • Legal representation (litigation) under criminal cases

    The lawyers of the company carry out legal representation of persons in all stages of the criminal process - both of persons involved in the capacity of an accused person in a case, and in terms of crime victims citizens and disadvantaged entities to protect their interests in the proceedings.
    Persons who have the capacity of witnesses in criminal proceedings can also be represented by lawyers of the company.

  • • Legal protection in front of the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

    The lawyers of the company carry out protection and representation of persons in front of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, whose rights were violated under the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

  • • Legal advice in the field of administrative and tax law

    The law firm provides written and oral legal advice on all matters regarding the implementation of administrative and in particular, tax law, regulatory acts in the field of spatial planning, public procurement, competition, energetics, concessions, privatization, consumer protection, etc. The subject of the consultating services includes options for prevention of eventual disputes, preparation of conceptual solutions and methods of their implementation.

  • • Legal representation (litigation) under administrative and tax court cases

    The law firm provides litigation to individuals and legal entities in all fields of administrative and tax law, both in the administrative appealing against administrative acts and in the phase of their litigation. A significant part of the cases where the company carries out legal representation are related to the implementation of tax, respectively procedural laws, regulations in the field of special planning, public procurement, competition, energetics, concessions, privatization, consumer protection, etc

  • • Litigation in front CPC and Commercial Register

    The lawyers of the company have significant experience in the representation of domestic and foreign clients before the Commission for Protection of Competition and the Supreme Administrative Court in appeal proceedings against procedures for awarding procurements. The company offers its clients qualified legal assistance for resolving disputes before the CPC regarding acts and omissions constituting unfair competition, as well as in disputes regarding cartels and concentration of economic activity. The company actively supports and carries out all kinds of registration proceedings related to entries, deletions and announcements of circumstances regarding merchants in the Commercial Register and engage successfully with representation before competent courts in appeal proceedings of enacted refusals by the Registry Agency, as well as claim proceedings for protection from false, void and inadmissible entry.

  • • Copyright and Intellectual Property

    The company provides written and oral legal advice in the field of copyright and litigation before courts in disputes regarding copyright and intellectual property.

  • • Participation in negotiations for conclusion of civil and commercial transactions

    The company has a team of trained professionals in the field of civil and commercial law who assist clients in selecting the appropriate legal form and better structuring of their future transactions and investments for minimizing the risks at their implementation. The participation of lawyers in the negotiations with the counterparty to clarify the utmost of all legal aspects of the contract before its conclusion, and ensure its proper implementation by the parties is of particular importance for the defense of the client’s interests.

  • • Preparation of contracts

    The company advises its clients in the preparation and coordination of contracts and supporting documents concerning any type of civil and commercial transactions, known to the Bulgarian law and it always strives to offer optimal, and when necessary – also unconventional solutions to existing problems in their conclusion, implementation and termination.

  • • Preparation of documents and papers in the field of company law

    Based on contract for subscription services or assigning of a specific case "Vekilova, Nyagolov & Co" lawyers provide full and quality assistance at:
    • Preparation of constituent documents for initial registration of commercial entities, branches and representative offices and their submission electronically to the Registry Agency;
    • Preparation of documents for implementation of internal organizational changes in the structure and management of the company, including admission and exclusion of a partner, transfer of company shares and stocks, transfer of commercial enterprise, capital increase, in-kind contributions, contracts for assigning of management, etc., as well as conducting of procedures required by Law before the Commercial Register on registration of a change in the company status;
    • Preparation of documents and advising on legal matters arising in the various forms of transformation or dissolution of commercial entities;
    • Organization, implementation and drafting of documents related to conducting of constituent and general meetings and sessions of the company management bodies
    • Resolving of disputes with partners and company bodies through the conclusion of extrajudicial agreements, and if necessary - through litigation.

Scope of activity
27, Vasil Levski Str., ent. B, Veliko Tarnovo
phone: 062/620 135; 062/604 472
e-mail: justvek@abv.bg
27, Vasil Levski Str., ent. B, Veliko Tarnovo
phone: 062/620 135; 062/604 472
e-mail: justvek@abv.bg